IRS Conflict and Legal Resolution Services

Many people are afraid of the IRS. Not just afraid of the IRS, but so clueless about it, so hopelessly confused about how to approach IRS problems, that these individuals find themselves scurrying away from the mere mention of the IRS. Some of our clients only think of the IRS as the big, bad ‘guy’- like a constant fight between David and Goliath.

This is where we come in.

At Guber & Company CPAs, we understand the ins-and-outs of tax laws and regulations so that you don’t have to. We approach problems with the IRS, tax disputes and litigious situations with the clear, calm-headed rationality of seasoned veterans.

As the CPA Philadelphia trusts most, Guber & Company CPAs know how to work it. We can provide assessments, valuations and numerous other critical tax revelations that may steer the verdict in your favor. With our incisive analyses of your tax filings and business records, we are more than capable of assisting you in your IRS disputes.

As one of the top Accounting Firms In Philadelphia, we can help resolve your legal issues too. Our analyses and testimonials may serve a critical role in your litigation.

Don’t fear the IRS, and don’t be left wondering what could have been. We will save you the headache and heartache and help bring about the conflict resolution you so desperately want.

Guber & Company CPAs IRS Conflict Resolution Services include:

• Expert witness testimony
• Investigations of fraud, bribery, embezzlement and tax evasion
• IRS agreement negotiations
• Abatement of tax penalties
• Contract obligation audits
• Valuations of business assets
• Totality of damages reports
• Missing records compilation
• Payroll resolutions